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.PerfUtils is a set of Delphi components that encapsulates Windows NT Performance API. This part of Windows API is used for various purposes: to measure the CPU usage, to enumerate processes and threads, to receive their ID's, performance, memory usage and so on. The PerfUtils allows you to obtain this information in any form - from raw performance data up to processed, ready-to-use values.

PerfUtils is freeware, setup package includes full source code. Download and use it fo free.

    [TPerfTitles] up

PerfTitles  It is a convenient component that collects titles for all performance objects and counters in the system. It is as simple as possible.

    [TPerfHelps] up

PerfHelps  This component is an analog of the TPerfTitles component but it reads help strings.

    [TPerfObjects] up

PerfObjects This component is designed to collect information about performance objects available for monitoring.

    [TPerfCounters] up

PerfCounterThis component is designed to collect information about performance counters available for monitoring.

    [ TPerfInstances ] up

PerfInstancesThis component collects information about all instances for the performance object specified in its parameters. It is the best way to obtain the complete list of processes, threads, disks and other system objects.

    [ TPerfFilter ] up

PerfFilterAn easily configurable component that collects performance information in raw form. Process this information as you wish.

    [ TPerfMonitor ] up

PerfMonitorA powerful ready-to-use component that returns pre-processed counter values for multi-instances performance objects. In fact, it is a kernel of performance monitoring application in one component.



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