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    SvCom Examples  

Simple NT Service example

Basic SvCom features are described such as NT Service creation, installation, debugging and running. More...

An advanced service application

It shows how to handle events of service module and how to debug the service application. Advanced service debugging API is considered. At the last step of this example the very useful feature of SvCom-based application is described. SvCom allows to combine in one application a service module and a regular GUI application. It auto detects application startup mode and runs as service or as a regular application depending on detected mode. More...

. Service application with delayed autostart
It is a very simple example that shows service's delayed autostart feature. More...

NT Service with user impersonation

Sometimes service application needs to perform some operations in the security context of specific user. This example shows how to logon and impersonate the user specified. More (for registered SvCom users only) ...

Access Windows protected registry area

Previous example (service with impersonation) uses login and password to logon and impersonate the user. This example shows how to safely store this data in the protected area of Windows registry. More (for registered SvCom users only) ...

Com-service + Com-client : two way communication between Service and GUI

This example shows how to implement bi-directional interprocess communication between service and front-end GUI. More...

Service with forms: interactive service application for Vista and later Windows versions

MS has prohibited interactive services, but SvCom gives you workaround. More...

. Add EventLog support rapidly: SvCom EventLog Editor example
Windows EventLog is likely the most popular logging system. Add advanced EventLog support to your application with ease. More...


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